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Look, I like whiskey. You like whiskey. But you might not like what I like. Perhaps you love bourbon. Maybe you like heavily peated Islay malts. Maybe you only drink Irish single pot still or Blended Scotch. Or maybe you're new to whiskey. We're here to help you discover what you like or more of what you like.

We want to be the whiskey rating community. Keep track of what you like by rating bottles. Find bottles by category, price, or availability. Check off bottles from curated lists. Coming soon, we'll try to match you with bottles that match your own tastes. The more you rate, the better we'll do.


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Pearse Lyons Reserve

Great balance of sweet and spicy. A little bit of white wine (reminds me of Scapa) with lemon and barley. Very Scotch-like for an American-made whiskey. Hints of maple and brown sugar.

Great Dave M. Over a year ago

Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch Whisky

Everything in me wanted to love this bottle. It is called Monkey Shoulder, which is apparently a reference to the men who used to throw the barrels. The bottle is great, with inlaid monkeys on it. The color looks right for something I would like--a l... see more
Good Dave M. Over a year ago

Aberlour a'Bunadh Batch 36

If there were a single bottle I would bring to a group of scotch drinkers of varied tastes, this would be it. It has a little something for everyone. It is full-bodied and solid. It has just enough peat smoke to make a Laphroiag drinker happy but not... see more
Excellent Dave M. Over a year ago

Auchentoshan Three Wood

This is my favorite "everyday" scotch. Each sip has a lot of character with lots of sweet and spice. There are nice citrus notes combined with vanilla. Depending on what you've eaten recently, other dynamics may emerge and you may taste bourbon notes... see more
Nearly Perfect Dave M. Over a year ago

Glen Spey 21 Year Old (2010 Release)

Wow! I'm a sweet/complex whiskey fan. I don't love heavy peat smoke. I like lots of well-balanced character. I want to taste lots of different flavors that are blended nicely together. And, I'm getting to the point where I long to try something new a... see more
Nearly Perfect Dave M. Over a year ago

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